What is Melanoma? 

Melanoma is much less common than the other types of skin cancers but is the most serious one. Melanoma, which is also called a “black tumor,” can grow quickly. 

The dark color pigments that give the skin its color are produced by the cells called melanocytes. “Melanoma” develops when the melanocytes start to proliferate and divide in an uncontrolled way. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation may increase the risk of developing melanoma. 

Melanoma can be anywhere on the body but occasionally in the body including the eyes, nose, or throat, and easily spread to any organ. Melanomas may begin in the existing moles, however, they may also begin in normal skin. Most melanomas are black or brown furthermore they can also be pink, red, purple, or skin-colored. Early detection is important for the treatment success of Melanoma. 

What are The Symptoms of Melanoma? 


Melanoma may occur as moles, scaly patches, open sores, or raised bumps and may look like a scar, an age spot, a bruise, a sore, a cyst, or a scar. 


In the early stages, the symptoms of melanoma are generally very subtle and only can be detected by watching the visual signs. It generally gives no pain or discomfort. ABCDE is the acronym for “Asymmetry“, “Border“, “Color“, “Diameter” and “Evolving“, which the individuals have to watch.  


If a new mole or an existing mole is getting bigger, changing shape and/or color, bleeding, or becoming crusty, itchy, or sore it may be the sign of an existing Melanoma. In case of having one or more than one of these characteristic steps, it’s important to visit a physician for evaluation and early detection. 


Treatments for Melanoma Skin Cancer in Turkey (Türkiye)


Treatments for Melanoma skin cancer in Turkey change due to the thickness of the primary melanoma, whether cancer has spread or not, rate of the growth, the stage, specific genetic changes in the cells, and the individual’s other medical conditions. 



The common types of treatments used for Melanoma skin cancer in Turkey are; 


  • Surgery
  • Radiation therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Targeted therapy
  • Chemotherapy 

Surgery is the first option for individuals with local melanoma and regional melanoma skin cancer treatments in Turkey. 

If surgery is not an option then the melanoma is identified as “unresectable” and the other types of treatments will be considered according to the stage of the melanoma. 

Radiation therapy is the option when the melanoma has spread to the lymph nodes or skin and is not able to be removed by surgery. In the early stages of melanoma radiation therapy may also be considered before or after the surgery, or the radiation therapy as it is own if the surgery is not an option. 

Immunotherapy, Targeted therapy, and Chemotherapy are the other treatment options for Melanoma skin cancer in Turkey. All are planned with different types of medications. Immunotherapy drugs help to stimulate the immune system to fight cancer while chemotherapy drugs destroy the cancer cells. The targeted cancer therapy drugs attack specific cancer cells. The “targeted” therapy goes after cancer cells without touching the healthy cells. 

Turkey is an important destination to get treatment for Melanoma skin cancer. Turkey is an international reference center for care and cancer treatments with fully equipped latest technological hospitals and highly experienced doctors. 

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