Spinal Bone Metastases

What are Spinal Bone Metastases?

Spinal Bone Metastases, a metastatic spinal tumor, is a type of cancer that starts in another part of the body (it will be named a primary tumor) and spreads to the spine (it will be called a secondary tumor). In general, the metastatic spinal tumor carries the characteristic composition of cells from the primary tumor. This is critical information for the treatment of Spinal Bone Metastases. Treatment options change due to the location, size, and type of metastatic spinal tumor.


In General, the pain will be the first symptom of Spinal Bone Metastases, but this changes from person to person.  While some people have no symptoms, others suffer pain that impairs the functioning of the nervous system. 


A metastatic spinal tumor is common for cancer patients, and 30% to 70% of cancer patients may develop a metastatic spinal tumor.

What are the Types of Spinal Bone Metastases?


The types of spinal bone metastases change due to placement, development, and form within the spine. 

Extradural: Dura is the thin membrane that covers the spinal cord. When the tumor develops in the spine’s bones outside the dura, it is called “Extradural.” 

Intradural-extramedullary: These types of metastatic spinal tumors are common. 40% of metastatic tumors are intradural-extramedullary, meaning the cancer is only located within the dura, not in the spinal cord. 

Intramedullary: As it can be understood, this is the name given when a tumor develops inside the spinal cord.


What are The Symptoms of Spinal Bone Metastases? 


Spinal Bone Metastases may have no symptoms in the early stages. Pain is a common symptom, but individuals may not realize pain before it grows and presses on nerves around the spinal cord. 

The most common symptoms that Spinal Bone Metastases have; 

  • Back or neck pain that gets worse at night,
  • Lessen in the ability to feel hot, cold, or distressed, 
  • Crooked or deformed spine, 
  • Balance problems or difficulty in walking,
  • Bladder or bowel control problems,
  • Numbness, tingling, or weakness in the arms, legs, or chest,
  • Paralysis.

Treatments for Spinal Bone Metastases in Turkey (Türkiye)


 In Turkey, Spinal Bone Metastases are treated by a multidisciplinary team that includes medical oncologists and radiation oncologists through a combination of medications, radiation therapy, and surgery. All the specialists will do the treatment plan according to the specifics of the individual’s situation. 

Spinal Bone Metastases treatment in Turkey focuses on shrinking the tumor and slowing or stopping the tumor growth, relieving pain or neurological symptoms caused by the tumor, and maintaining the spine’s stability.

Several types of medications can be used to treat Spinal Bone Metastases. Bone-building medications will be recommended by your doctor to strengthen bones and reduce the pain caused by bone metastasis. To protect against the adverse effects on the digestive tract, Bone-building medications will be given through a vein or an injection. The medical treatment will be given every few weeks. 

In Turkey, Spinal Bone Metastases treatment for individuals with multiple bone metastases can be treated with intravenous radiation. Intravenous radiation is a type of radiation therapy that is given through a vein. The aim is to send low levels of radioactive particles directly to the areas of bone metastasis. This treatment also helps to reduce pain. External radiation therapy is the option when the pain can not be controlled. 

In Turkey, Chemotherapy for Spinal Bone Metastases treatment will be considered if cancer has spread to multiple bones. The aim of chemotherapy is to fight cancer cells all through the body. It can both be given through a vein or as a pill. 

Targeted therapy is one of the most effective treatments that can be used in Turkey. The targeted drug treatments focus on specific abnormalities of the cancer cells. Targeted therapy for Spinal Bone Metastases helps to block these abnormalities and causes cancer cells to die. 

Surgical procedures for Spinal Bone Metastases treatment in Turkey will be considered when there is a risk of breaking or repairing a broken bone. The surgery can only help to relieve the pain and cure the bone but can’t treat cancer on its own. To strengthen the bones, bone cement is the surgery suggested by Turkish doctors. The bone broken or damaged by bone metastasis can be cured by bone cement injection, reducing pain. Surgery to repair a broken bone caused by bone metastasis may be performed by using metal plates, screws, and nails to stabilize the bone or with a hip replacement. 

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