Ota Medical Center and Jinemed Hospital, two reputable health institutions of Beşiktaş, united their forces under the name of “OTA & Jinemed Hospital”. Fulya Jinemed’s experience in the hospital sector came together with the advantage of OTA’s extensive polyclinic network, where the customer satisfaction and quality standards are prioritized, and the advantage of serving patients with the assurance of SGK. with this merger, In our hospital, which has an agreement with SGK and all private health insurances , the number of branches that provide polyclinic service has increased, and many new specialist doctors have joined our staff. OTA & Jinemed Hospital has adopted the philosophy of “Evidence-Based Medicine” with its preventive medicine practices and comfortable hospital. Our institution, which works with a focus on patient satisfaction and develops pioneering practices in its sector, aims to provide high quality healthcare services to patients from all segments of the society with this merger.

In our center, we work with a service philosophy that cares about your health as much as you, with our specialist doctors, professional team and modern diagnostic methods.

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